1. SuperEats and SuperGrocery delivery area

For the time being our SuperRunner only cover the Klang Valley area. However, we are in the midst of expanding our coverage area so stay in touch with us by subscribing to our mailing list to be the first person to know when SuperPal available is in your area.

2. I can't find a rider

Difficulties in finding a rider could be caused by the high demand for SuperPal services at the time, for example during rush hour, or due to weather conditions. Please try to book again in a few minutes and we will do our best to find you a rider.

3. I can't find a certain store

If you can't find the grocer or restaurant you're looking for, it might due to the distance. Please ensure the grocer or restaurant that you would like to make an order is within 5km radius from you.

4. Rider bought me wrong order

If you received the wrong item or more/less than what you’ve ordered, we suggest you to see the chat history with the rider first in the Order History page. So you can check whether the rider has already informed you about the item you ordered.

After checking the chat history and the rider didn’t tell you anything about the wrong item, please report it to us via SuperPal Help page (under My Profile menu) by clicking the Contact us button below. We’ll do our best to solve the issue.

5. I received a poor/bad quality of food/meat and poultry/produce

We always strive to give the best service to our customers as well as educating our merchants to always keep the quality of the food, beverages, meat and poultry, and fresh produce that they provide to customers.

But if your order came in a disappointing quality, by disappointing we mean the food/meat and poultry/produce you’ve received was stale, rotten, or not fresh, we are deeply sorry about this. Please report it to us via Help & Support and fill up the report form. We will be glad to help.

6. Paid twice or the same order

If you’ve already paid twice for the same order, please report it to us via SuperPal Help page or email us directly at support@mysuperpal.com and we’ll be glad to help you.

7. Rider has completed my order status without delivering it

We are really sorry to hear what happened to you.If the rider didn’t deliver your food or goods but completed the order, you can do the following things first if you order SuperEats and SuperGrocer services:

 Check your chat history with the rider. Perhaps the rider has notified you before that someone else has received your order/items.

 However, if you are still unable to contact the rider and your order/goods are still not delivered after you have waited, you can report this incident to us by filling in the report form so we can follow up.